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All the musicians are established performers in the field of early music and actively collaborate with such prestigious ensembles as Il Concerto Italiano, L’Accademia Bizantina, Hesperion XXI, Malapunica, La Reverdie, Cantar lontano, ModoAntiquo, Tetraktys, L’Accademia Strumentale, and many others. In addition, the women’s ensemble collaborates for certain programs with distinguished male musicians, particularly the renowned American cornettist, Bruce Dickey, as well as the Orchestra Barocca di Bologna, directed by Paolo Faldi.

The founder and director of Cappella Artemisia, Candace Smith (originally from California but living in Europe since 1975), has been involved for many years with historical music written by women, in addition to her interests in contemporary music, musical theater and cabaret.

Regular collaborators with Cappella Artemisia
Other musicians who collaborate with Cappella Artemisia (depending on the program) include: